We offer two professional levels of parent-child supervision.   The first level is by a non-therapist/parent aide and the second level is by a licensed therapist.  Both are trained to monitor the parent-child interactions to the level deemed appropriate for the family. Both levels of professional levels provide professional court reports and court testimony (additional fees associated).

We offer supervised visitation in our office, in home or in the community.  We offer day, evening, weekend and holiday supervision.

Note:  That holiday visitation is first come, first served and based upon the availability of a supervisor.


We offer the following types of supervision:

*Swan Therapy staff do not make decisions regarding the level of supervision including changes in supervision. This comes from attorneys/GAL, agreement between parents or court. 

Monitored Supervision:  Monitored visits are the least restrictive types of supervised visits.   These visits are not eyes and ears on the child.  Parent Aide or therapist is present in general area but parent is given freedom to be away from the supervisor but supervisor can still observe the parent-child interactions and become involved if there is a rule violation or safety concern.  

Parent-Aide Supervision:  A parent-aide is not a licensed counselor/social worker typically.  They may possess a bachelor's degree or master's degree but my only have a high school education.  The parent-aide will coach the visiting parent when needed or when the parent fails to engage well with the child.  Parent-Aides provide close supervision during visits and visits will always be with eyes and ears on the child at all times.  Parent will not be allowed any alone time with the child.  

Therapeutic Supervision:  Therapeutic visitation involves a therapist observing interactions between the visiting parent and the child, intervening if the child appears to be apprehensive or distressed.  The goal is for the child to be in an emotionally safe environment.  A master's level clinician is able to assess, intervene and correct inappropriate behavior, thereby teaching the visiting parent the appropriate parenting skills.  This may include teaching anger management skills.  In cases of allegations of abuse, neglect, parental estrangement or suspected parental alienation the therapist can respond and intervene to meet the needs of the child.  

Supervised Exchanges:  This service involves a professional supervisor overseeing the exchange either by being present for exchange or facilitating the exchange with no contact between the parents.   There is a one hour minimum for each exchange.  

***Holiday Supervision:  $10.00 additional per hour.   

(There is a two-hour minimum for holiday supervision and we are unable to guarantee availability on all legal holidays including Easter and the day after Thanksgiving).  This agency recognizes the following holidays:  New Years Eve-5 pm to 12 am, New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, President's Day, Easter Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve -all day and Christmas Day.  


Travel Rates are in addition to the hourly rate:

11-20 miles $10.00 flat rate

21-40 miles $20.00 flat rate

41 plus miles 55 Cents per mile

(rates are based on total miles to and from visit—that calculation will determine cost)


Supervisee is responsible to pay for entry fees for parent aide or therapist into activities such as zoo, movies, etc.