Office Rental

Affordable Office Rental Available

We have office space for rent on a full or part-time basis.

Please contact Kristin Swan at or 816-581-3737 for more information.


Part-time rent (3 days a week)          $300.00
Full-time rent                                     $500.00
1 hour                                                $15.00 per hour
4 hours                                              $50.00 for 4 hours
Full Day                                             $80.00 per day
(Partial rental is subject to availability)

Phone line with voicemail is $34.00 per month.

We have a modern office, which is ADA accessible.  It is located in a safe area with lighted parking lot and entrance.  We have an office manager that can assist you at an additional charge (per hour rate).  Rent includes: utilities, printer (paper and toner), Proshred services, office paper products and cleaning supplies, internet, main fax, break area with microwave and refrigerator, conference room, play therapy/supervision room (supplied), and janitorial services for main part of building (you can pay additional fee to have individual office cleaned).