Contact Us

You can reach our offices at 816-581-3737, or contact our staff directly at the email and phone numbers listed.


Kristin Swan, LCSW, LSCSWKristin Swan, LCSW, Owner 816-581-3737
Kristi Broz, LPC, RPTKristi Broz, LPC, RPT 816-581-3737
Amy VanCamp, LMSW 816-673-0915
Claire Jones, LMSW 913-710-0641
Jennifer Evans Powis, LPC 816-427-1176
Jim Frentrop, LCSW 816-560-5661
Kathy Malone, LCSW 816-308-8689
Rixie Morris, LPC 816-695-7486
Jasmine WIlliams, LMSW 816-581-3737
Shannon Broderick, LMSW 913-732-4487
 Stacy Mays, LMSW  816-803-6327
Parent Aids
 Stacey Bray, BSW  816-896-2689
Cindy Janczewski 816-522-6737
Tomasina Hicks, LAC 913-206-8790